Wednesday, September 26, 2007

welt ist überall

late afternoon. september winds, arriving from france, roam the trees here in the street, paint the grey sidewalks with whirls of yellow and red that keep moving. natural art, i think. leaf sculptures.

later i call a friend, and we talk about journeys to angkor and walks through autumn gardens. about long distance trips and short distance trips. about the time it takes to be in a place, to arrive there, to leave from there. leafs, i remember. leaves.

"die welt ist überall," my friend says -
"the world is everywhere."


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

world dart, blog play, ego politics

the first autumn days. temperatures dropping by 10 degrees. sun and rain and clouds, changing by the hour. on the weather page, a new link, leading to a geography game that shows the map of Europe, tells you a capital, and hands you a virtual dart to aim at the location. fun. especially east europe. here the link: Europe Dart

and more games: blogger has a new feature: a stream of photos that was just uploaded. a wild mix from all over the world, named play.blogger

apart from web games, an odd mix of news. like coloured clouds, politicians coming up with silly ideas just to make headlines - like the one who suggested to end marriages automatically after 7 years, or our inner minister who thinks virus-mails sent from the tax office might be just the thing to frighten possible terrorists. turns out he basically frightened the public. on the other side, our prime minister had the courage to invite the Dalai Lama. now she is named "witch" in the Chinese web pages. well, i thought. rather a witch with an attitude than a political-correct smalltalk politician.

now for a photo to go with this post ... how about this one, 346, taken one year ago? - i like the thought that it might pop up in playblog now, somewhere in the world.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

fake fantasy memory

rita :: mae brown
comedy :: life
polar :: roses
perception :: memory
infected :: viral
fake :: honesty
relating :: three degrees
distraction :: attraction
gamble :: coins

unconscious mutterings, week 241.
& the photo.. photo friday, fantasy.

which altogehter makes it a fake fantasy memory. and makes me think of that article on neuronal scientists who discovered that our memory changes with every act of recalling it. that it connects with the situation that made us remember, and then is restored, slightly altered, in relation to the now. like a wiki entry that gets updated by current perceptions of reality. like sunlight reflected in the waterdrops of dusk.


listening to: Vanilla Sky
reading: Aldous Huxley, Brave New World


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


minutes leap unheard
sunbeams smatter keenly, pink
cloud howls, petals blush


that was automatic poetry, slightly adjusted to this week's photo friday task: purple.
and more automatic musings, an oblique strategy for today:

Discover the recipes you are using
and abandon them


Thursday, September 06, 2007

celestial tea

between night and morning
i wake from a dream
that doesn't leave a memory
get up in darkness
brew black tea

a cup later, still lost
in nocturnal musings
i open the window,
to let september air
touch my breath, lean out

and see her for the first time -
venus, dancing over dawn
while the moon sails so high
that it remained invisible
through closed glass.