Friday, March 21, 2008

exploring universal connections

spring is there. at least officially. someone probably forgot to send the date to the skies, which are roaming with snow clouds now, in celebration of the full moon, and the new season.

the sweet moment of the day so far: getting a message from Cezanne's Carrot. their vernal equinox issue is up, and with it, a text i wrote: Lakes of Pain.

the real surprise came when reading their editorial: it seems they had a very similar experience when putting their issue together as i had with the last issues of blueprintreview: that there is tune to the texts coming in. here what they wrote about it:

Exploring Universal Connections
There is something very exciting—and comforting—about the way the Universe brings stories and artwork to us each quarter, works that seem randomly submitted, yet end up forming distinct patterns, themes of their own creation. We are just the organizers and packagers, blessed with the task of picking up the pieces of the new creation, assembling them, and then putting them on display for the rest of you to enjoy.

here the issue link: Cezanne's Carrot.


and more universal connections! last summer, i had a spacy e-mail conversation with a friend. it all started with a blue umbrella, and ended beyond the mayan calendar. the conversation now turned into a text that is up in the 1000-word-zine Pequin: Half Moon on Fry Day.