Tuesday, November 20, 2007

time trips

it’s tuesday. november. one year ago this time, i was walking the black sand shores of Lanzarote island. now i am walking the snow of home – winter came early this year, freezing the roses and the last of the sunflowers.

but as time has it, those sunflowers have just started to grow again – in the new issue of Serene Light. here the link to the page that holds the picture, and a poem about them, written in April: almost an asana

more online moments: a month ago, i was packing bags for Crete. i knew i would stay in a place with ocean view – but had no idea how this view would turn out. well. it turned out too large for the camera. so i put a photo collage together – and just while there, came across a call for hotel moments from the newspaper “Zeit” – “time”. so i sent the panorama there.
now it’s up in time online: miramar view

plus – and this still feels strange – i did my first interview! it’s 4 pages long, and published in print in the magazine 34thParallel. there even is a preview of it online, with a travel photo (yes, that’s me in the middle!) – here the link: a journey into words

right now, i am focusing on the writing project i am part of: 7 writers from 5 continents writing a futuristic novel with entangled storylines. more about that, hopefully soon. and i am putting together the last pages of the upcoming issue of blueprintreview – as it looks, it will go live next week, and coming with a number of night moments.

it's a good time.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


searching for words.
trying to feel the sand beneath my feet, gone now.

picking up pebbles.
remembering this poem named timeout.

cutting the last of the sunflowers.
the one that grew too late.

mixing up copy with paste, again.
which makes me end where i started.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

je suis symmetry

making coffee
i hear a bird, a girl
look out and fall into
a perfect moment

this symmetry of reality
meeting photography

this matching number
of day, of month

elves, it flashes through
my leafy mind, and also,

today, je suis symmetry,
i say to the sparkling room
and wait
for another word door
to open, somewhere
in my mind.