Tuesday, July 04, 2006

happiness is..

this swift sensation
of being one with
a fleeting moment


happiness. it also once was the theme of the Mississippi Review - the happiness issue. which made me go on a search for happiness, and come back with a poem that made it in the issue, it's online here: what it is, what it isn't is.

these are my favourite lines of it:

it is being small and successful says strategy
it is dragon shaped says sendit
it is a serious problem says dennis
it is easier than you might think says suntimes
it is not the easiest thing to find says chennai

also, it is finding the matching photo for Friday.

- Photo Friday, July 2006, challenge: "happiness is.."

1 comment:

Topvar said...

volareeeee oh oh
cantare oh oh oh ohhhhhh
nel blu dipinto di blu....

great photo!